Are you searching for the best data recovery services? If yes, keep reading this article for what you are searching for. I hope our site will make you hold very useful stuff of data recovery. Not only flash drive you can gather lots of information regarding the recovery like hard drive data recovery, recover deleted photos from sd card, smartphone data recovery and much more.


    Here you came across how to use DiskDigger to recover deleted files from flash drive. Whether you may delete some photos from your drive by mistake, or accidentally reformatted the drive entirely. DiskDigger can usually recover lost files.



    First, plug the USB drive into a USB port on your computer. Once the drive is plugged in, you can launch DiskDigger, and you should see it in the list of drives available for scanning. Select the drive and click “Next.” most, if not all, photos that you lost.


    DiskDigger will let you choose between the “Dig Deep” and “Dig Deeper” modes. If you want to recover files from flash drive, it recommends you to select Dig Deeper. since this is more likely to recover as many photos as possible.

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